For many years Paris has ran unopposed as the undisputed dining capital of the world. The French capital has always been synonymous with fine dining and has officially set the standard for how food should be cooked and restaurants should be ran. However over the past decade or so, London has been gradually improving its culinary diversity and has attracted some of the worlds greatest chefs to invest in the most visited city in the world. As recently as the 80s, London would proudly boast egg and chips, various meat filled pies and a wine list consisting of red or white. Now London has advanced to such a level and with the diversity of international cuisine that it boasts, London is often considered to have surpassed its close, cross-channel rivals Paris.

This new consensus isn’t likely to go down well across the channel, although one that cannot really be argued against. Modern day London is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan areas in the world embracing cultures and more importantly food from all over the world. In fact more than a third of the entire population of London were born outside of the UK and even more are from non English decent. This influx of nationalities and culture, regardless of your political stand point, is bound to have a massive impact on the cuisine in the capital.

With great quantity of international restaurants located around London, this also dilutes the quality of the average making it more difficult to find the restaurants that are really worth a visit. Thankfully your exclusive London escorts are very knowledgeable in this field and will be happy to show you all of the best places to visit around town. Central London however posses a very different problem, being one of the most affluent areas in the world, it therefore attracts some of the planets greatest chefs and has a closer density of Michelin star restaurants per square mile than anywhere else. As you can imagine therefore, a meal out in central London doesn’t come cheap. Chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal and Alain Ducasse all have restaurants in Central London.

So if you decided to go out for a special occasion in London here are a few recommendations from the completely unbiased London escorts. If you’re looking for pure elegance and sophistication and a location worthy of your exclusive London escort. Then it really has to be one the many French Michelin star restaurants located within the city. Waterside Inn in Bray is a text book example, is the oldest British restaurant to of held 3 Michelin stars for such long period of time and understandably so. Lead by head chef Alain Roux, the family reputation is not of an advertisement alone to visit with your London escorts. If however you are in sear4ch of something more unique and quirky then look no further than Sketch, the ground braking restaurant/gallery/movie to create a totally unique dining experience. The décor is very arty and different, with different wallpaper on each wall. Enjoy quirky and delicious food with your exclusive London escorts.

Sayaka 6

If you are looking for a romantic evening of high-quality drinks with one of London’s most elegant models then why not book one of the independent escort London from Sayaka Independent and head out to Beaufort Bar in the Savoy. After a £220 million redevelopment, The Savoy has committed itself to celebrating the best culinary and beverage delights that the world has to offer. The Beaufort Bar is the second bar but it is certainly one of the best in London.

an image of the busty Independen Asian escort, Sayaka.
Sayaka Independent

This is the perfect bar in London to take a high-class escort to and you will be blown away by the incredible drinks on offer. It is voted as one of the most romantic cocktail bars in London by the Telegraph and makes an intimate setting for your date for the evening. The discreet, elegant setting will mean you can relax in relative privacy with your date and enjoy some of the best cocktails you will ever have had. Why not try the Encantador, a rich blend of Bacardi, Aperol, Framboise, lemon and vanilla. The rich taste sensations will give you the perfect platform to strike up a conversation and enjoy your time more fully.

an image of a Encantador Cocktail.
Encantador Cocktail.

The bar is located at The Savoy, Strand, WC2R 0EU. We cannot recommend highly enough bringing your escort for the evening here. With opening times until 1 am it is ideal for a night of fun and then you can move on to a more party orientated bar if you so desire or back to your hotel from here. Treating a London escort to a drink here will never go unappreciated and can put you very much in the good graces of your companion. You may have paid for your ladies time but a truly high-class woman must be entertained on a date. To Find out more why not visit Sayaka’s website and see which of the incredible models you could take out tonight.