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We’re going to touch on a story that has rang prominently throughout the news this week and another a story that centres around the ever fluxing London house prices. Londons financial properties are in a stronger position than ever and shows no signs of slowing down. It is understandable therefore that those who can afford to invest in property in such a high profile and iconic city are doing so and in great numbers. What comes worryingly to most of the London citizens is the number of offshore residents that are looking for a potential investment. One such country is the global superpower India, of which many of its millionaires and billionaires are following suit and delving into one of the most expensive and exclusive property markets in the world.

So far, it is expected that £440m or $750m was spent by wealthy Asian businessmen throughout 2013 with Mayfair and Belgravia being the preferred locations. The reason behind this mass invasion of the British capital is to do the unparalleled strength and stability of the economy with it being one of the finest cities in the world from those who can afford to live in some of the most expensive areas in the world. many of the Asian businessmen also invest in other areas such as the bars, restaurants and even escorts agencies such as Aswell as being a financial opportunity these agencies provide companionship and a conversation in their native tongue with Londons newest residents.

It is now estimated that up to 3000 wealthy Indians now live within the super rich inner city town of Mayfair. They are now the most prominent investors from overseas country in this most wanted of areas. The Lodha Group is Asias largest residential developer and they recently purchased the beautiful Canadian high commission in Grosvenor square for an eye watering £306m and will go onto spend nearly a billion pound on turning it into 20 luxury homes. Many of which may soon be snapped up by the elegant and high class Asian escorts London.

Also this is a relatively new topic for today’s newspapers. The interest for investment in england’s capital dates back to the Edwardian era, so says Pete Wetherell, the chief executive of Wetherell estates. “ This was when some of Asia’s richest princes owned mansions in the capital, most notably HEH the Nizam of Hyderabad who owned Hyderabad House at no.6 Palace Green in Kensington. He goes onto say that, “many have chose to invest in Mayfair, especially grosvenor square because they can see that currently the district is undervalued compared to the neighbouring locations such as Knightsbridge and Belgravia.

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