Fighting is normal in a relationship. We all have those days where we feel like we can’t stand our partners no matter what. The problem is when the fighting becomes more of a rule than an exception. Feeling disconnected from your partner is often the first thumbnail (4)sign that things are simply not going to work out. You stop caring about each other, you feel as though you’re alone even when that person is right there next to you. It’s much worse to feel like you’re alone when someone is right there than when they’re not.

This disconnection people feel, most of the times, doesn’t even come from lack of love. The truth is people grow apart from lack of intimacy and that leads to lack of pleasuring each other. Pleasure isn’t just sexual but emotional and physical. Partners having these issues could benefit greatly from a couple’s tantric massage.

The idea with this is that you have two people who are so disconnected their physical communication is completely lost, as well as the emotional one. Through the tantric experience you will be allowed to rekindle the lost connection and rediscover your partner’s sensuality and emotional being. With the guide of an expert masseuse you’ll be able to touch and feel your partner’s inner workings and set free all the pent up energy from losing focus on each other. The safe environment will create a dialogue with each other that needs no words. By the end of it you’ll feel more connected than ever and you’ll gain the knowledge to not let that connection become stale ever again.

thumbnail (3)If you and your partner are having issues then don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Love Tantric. It’s easy to do online and over the phone and all you need is to pick a massage style and confirm your appointment. As easy as that and you’ll be on your way to a more pleasing and connected life with the person you love.