During the Olympics this year a couple of images spiked interest among viewers. Those marks on the athletes’ bodies turned out to be an ancient form of therapy from china that helps with their recovery faster. This is more and more common among athletes and it seems that the Olympics have been a great showcase for this. Alternative therapies to traditional medicine for sports is nothing new, many athletes turn to them because they’re not only effective but they can avoid the harmful side effects of regular medicine when dealing with certain injuries or simply to better their athletic performance. Cupping (which is where those funny marks came from) isn’t the only way athletes have turned to alternative medicine in order to perform better in their sports. For many years athletes have turns to tantric massages to help them, not only with circulation and muscle recovery but with other ailments of the trade. Constant muscle pain, for example, is something that can be treated with tantric massages as the release of chemicals during the massage actually helps deal with sports injuries and phantom pains. With continuous practice the pain can actually lessen over time. It’s also a great way for athletes to relax before and after a competition, especially male athletes. During the massage the release of hormones actually helps men get naturally sleepy and this means whatever pre-competition jitters won’t keep the competitors up all night and, instead of turning to harmful drugs they can simply ease into a good night’s sleep.
If you’re not an athlete this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a massage of your own. Tantric massages aren’t just for everyone but they’re actually quite affordable and, if you like in London, easy to get a hold of. All you need to do is send an email and wait for the call. You can set up your Lesbian massage London anywhere and get started on an incredible form of alternative healing.

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And we’re going to tell you just why they love it so much. The only way you’ll fully appreciate it however, is if you stay there yourself. And you’ll need the company of London’s finest Knightsbridge escorts of course!

The Egerton House Hotel is an incredibly exclusive hotel in the heart of Knightsbridge, and part of the very decadent Red Carnation Hotel collection. It’s big enough to be popular and create a wonderful atmosphere of upscale clientele, yet it’s small enough to give a sense of intimacy when you most require it. The service at The Egerton House Hotel is perfect, and every one of our Knightsbridge escorts who have spent any length of time there has commented on it.

The rooms

When you’re staying in a hotel that’s ranked among the top 5 in London by a number of hospitality specialist publications, the rooms are likely to be top notch right? The choice at Egerton House is good because you don’t have too much. It’s a more traditional type of London hotel and doesn’t need to boast a thousand different types of suite like some luxury hotels we could mention. What’s more is that our Knightsbridge escorts are fans of every type. They have classic double rooms, deluxe King and Queen rooms and Studio suites; perfect, with no pretentions.

They do have one suite that’s worth a special mention however. This is of course The Victoria and Albert Suite. Exquisite Tudor décor adorns this beautiful, master suite. It has a separate lounge, a garden terrace garden, cocktail bar, games and toy cabinet, and all the other amenities you would expect from a luxury suite. This place is perfect if you’re staying in London with your family, but it’s a lovely place to have the company of one of our Knightsbridge escorts.

The bar and restaurant

Knightsbridge escorts love a cocktail! Most of you already know this. Our girls felt as though they had to tell you that you should try a martini, mixed by one of London’s finest and most experienced barmen. Antonio Pizzuto “has spent 40 years perfecting his art” and all that experience is certainly appreciated by all who sit at that bar!

Even though you’re in the heart of Knightsbridge, on the doorstep of plethora of wonderful restaurants, if you just want to stay in your hotel, The Egerton House Hotel have you covered. They’re happy to cater for more intimate dining experiences in your room should you wish it, all you have to do is ask. They even have a made to order policy (provided they have the ingredients) and a 24-hour breakfast menu! They really have a “can do” attitude when it comes to making their guests feel comfortable.

Our Knightsbridge escorts service

When you’re staying in a place as prestigious as The Egerton House Hotel, you’re not going to have any choice in the type of escort you book. For something as “high end” as this, you’re going to need Knightsbridge escorts, and only those from a very high class escorts agency! At London Deluxe you can be sure of the very best girls in the city.