Many people seem to be interested in tantric massages, and not just the people you usually associate with something like this. Married couples are 1461419020_staff_543_571b7c0ce01a6always looking for ways to spice up their relationship and feel more connected to their partners. When you love someone you want to do so many things with them and you’re scared of losing them. This is why tantric massages for couples are such a nice way to bring you closer together and have you experience something new that will continue to work even after the masseuse is gone. Being close to people, physically, is actually the best way to strengthen a relationship. When we touch we release hormones that signal to our brain that we’re happy and if you haven’t been touching much lately (not even sexually-wise but touching in general) you might find that you are feeling lonely and sad so, start touching again through tantric massages for couples from Bespoke Tantric.

During your massage session together you’ll find that you’re constantly being asked to touch each other and watch as the other person reacts to the touch. These massages will also teach you to know when to stop touching and just enjoy each other’s company. It’s a therapy session, more than anything but that deals with the problems empirically rather than theoretically. Talking comes, don’t worry, but sometimes we need an incentive to speak, a knowledge that we are being listened to no matter what is being said. If we don’t have that we feel shy, awkward and unwilling to truly express our emotions. Many wives find that after the massages their husbands are much more talkative about their feelings and this brings them much more joy and opens them much more to the wonders of touch. Tantric massages for couples in London are not rare and don’t be shy to either suggest it to your partner or to book a service for you two. Many masseuses are quite used to dealing with couples and you’ll be surprised as to how much they enjoy it!