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And we’re going to tell you just why they love it so much. The only way you’ll fully appreciate it however, is if you stay there yourself. And you’ll need the company of London’s finest Knightsbridge escorts of course!

The Egerton House Hotel is an incredibly exclusive hotel in the heart of Knightsbridge, and part of the very decadent Red Carnation Hotel collection. It’s big enough to be popular and create a wonderful atmosphere of upscale clientele, yet it’s small enough to give a sense of intimacy when you most require it. The service at The Egerton House Hotel is perfect, and every one of our Knightsbridge escorts who have spent any length of time there has commented on it.

The rooms

When you’re staying in a hotel that’s ranked among the top 5 in London by a number of hospitality specialist publications, the rooms are likely to be top notch right? The choice at Egerton House is good because you don’t have too much. It’s a more traditional type of London hotel and doesn’t need to boast a thousand different types of suite like some luxury hotels we could mention. What’s more is that our Knightsbridge escorts are fans of every type. They have classic double rooms, deluxe King and Queen rooms and Studio suites; perfect, with no pretentions.

They do have one suite that’s worth a special mention however. This is of course The Victoria and Albert Suite. Exquisite Tudor décor adorns this beautiful, master suite. It has a separate lounge, a garden terrace garden, cocktail bar, games and toy cabinet, and all the other amenities you would expect from a luxury suite. This place is perfect if you’re staying in London with your family, but it’s a lovely place to have the company of one of our Knightsbridge escorts.

The bar and restaurant

Knightsbridge escorts love a cocktail! Most of you already know this. Our girls felt as though they had to tell you that you should try a martini, mixed by one of London’s finest and most experienced barmen. Antonio Pizzuto “has spent 40 years perfecting his art” and all that experience is certainly appreciated by all who sit at that bar!

Even though you’re in the heart of Knightsbridge, on the doorstep of plethora of wonderful restaurants, if you just want to stay in your hotel, The Egerton House Hotel have you covered. They’re happy to cater for more intimate dining experiences in your room should you wish it, all you have to do is ask. They even have a made to order policy (provided they have the ingredients) and a 24-hour breakfast menu! They really have a “can do” attitude when it comes to making their guests feel comfortable.

Our Knightsbridge escorts service

When you’re staying in a place as prestigious as The Egerton House Hotel, you’re not going to have any choice in the type of escort you book. For something as “high end” as this, you’re going to need Knightsbridge escorts, and only those from a very high class escorts agency! At London Deluxe you can be sure of the very best girls in the city.


When you plan on booking an escort in Surrey, there are many important factors you might need to consider. Surrey is a large county and as such there are many escort agencies which might seem like they are perfect for you, however it is important to consider whether they are legitimate agencies who can really offer exactly the service you’re looking for, so in this article I will be explaining how to tell between a legitimate agency and one that is likely to be a scam or another agency which doesn’t really offer the service they claim to. This is of vital importance, as the escort industry has been given quite a negative reputation in recent years, which makes it much harder to know whether an agency is worth your time and money. For an example of my personal opinion of a trustworthy agency, check out Carmens Secrets.


Ranking can be a major factor, when you’re searching on Google, a lot of the better escort agencies can be seen quite high in the rankings, usually on the first page, but this does not mean that going past the first page you will not find any agencies that are worth your booking, as some of the newest agencies are often the ones that really put in the effort to make sure that your booking is as mind blowing as you’re looking for. This is why I would recommend taking a somewhat different approach and looking at other factors.

Content of the Page

First, you want to check the content on a girl’s profile, you’re looking for good English skills (although these aren’t always entirely reliable, I’ve had many great experiences from agencies ran by people who don’t have fantastic English skills), realistic photographs and a frequently updated website. Chances are that the people who are looking to scam you aren’t going to bother putting in the effort to make themselves seem legitimate, they’re simply going to photoshop their girls to look irresistible and wait for unsuspecting people to book with them so they can completely rip them off with a lady who looks absolutely nothing like her photos.


Another great place to look to find out if your chosen agency is legitimate or fake is to run a Google search for their name, followed by reviews (for certain agencies you might want to also include the word escorts). Have a look around a few of the reviews that are available and check to see how their other clients views on them reflect their legitimacy. If they have a lot of negative reviews, it’s probably not worth wasting your time. On the contrary, if their reviews are positive for the most part you can almost certainly trust them. You should always be a little bit cautious about trusting their onsite reviews however, as many agencies will only show their positive reviews and won’t let anything negative about them be shown on their website which is somewhat understandable even if it is a little unethical. An example website for you to find such reviews is Punternet, which is one of the few well moderated escorting review websites and we recommend using them.



So last week was a pretty stressful one for me and by the time Friday had come around I was at the end of my string and felt like murdering my boss. You know when you have been working somewhere for a fair amount of time you kind of get to know everything that is going on and you start to get a little more responsibility? This had been slowly happening to me for a month at this point and I simply couldn’t stand it anymore. Then, I got my first pay cheque since I started getting more responsibilities and oh my god was it glorious. I was getting well over double my old pay cheque and now had some money to spare.

So what would anyone who had a few hundred pounds to spare do? Of course he would go and book an evening with a stunning Essex escort. So I went out in search of the perfect escort agency for me and I came across a good number of promising agencies. They were fine except for the fact that they didn’t have a girl that made me go “wow!”. So I looked around a bit more until I came across Bubbles Escorts in Essex. Now this website truly is amazing and I highly recommend you check it out if you’re interested in an evening with one of Essex’s finest.

I spent a good amount of time on this site looking for someone to spend the evening with, when all of a sudden, I came across Katy (the girl pictured below). She was utterly outstanding, I could not believe it, I had only just found Playgirls so obviously I was extremely skeptical, she could be fake but I gave it a go and called them. Now I had made a booking with a companion who could either be the girl pictured or it could be some random girl who looks nothing like the girl in the picture, but these are the risks we take.

So I sat waiting in the hotel room I had booked for the evening I still had a while to wait and if I’m honest, I was extremely nervous as this is not something I do very often. About 20 minutes pass and I get a knock on the door and I walk over and pull open the door and I was blown away as right in front of me was the goddess Katy.


London escorts

London has some of the most amazing establishments of any city making sure that they are presented perfectly and have some of the most exquisite cuisine you’ll ever taste. Luckily for us the gorgeous London escorts are available 24/7 in and around London and know some of London’s best restaurants. So here is a short list of the most romantic restaurants in London;

Bel Canto 

Bel Canto is a gorgeous French Brassiere which expertise is French cuisine and its singing waiters, yes the waiters and waitresses here are known to break out in song while serving your food which we think is quite a romantic display. The stunning London escorts are known to be regulars here with clients as they absolutely adore the singing waiters and waitresses and see it as quite a romantic affair with their clients and the food here is immaculate as the aromas from the kitchen are enough to make you ravenous. 67 Bayswater Rd, London W2 3LG

Bingham Restaurant and Bar 

The Bingham is a hotel that has one of London’s most lavish restaurant, the restaurant itself serves modern British cuisine and has a splendid array of drinks available from the bar like cocktails, world beers, ales, spirts and much more for your own delight. The gorgeous London escorts are known for coming here with their clients as the staff is friendly as always and always happy to serve, not only that but their clients always seem to approve of the décor and the gorgeous British cuisine. 61-63 Petersham Rd, Richmond TW10 6UT

Cantina Laredo 

This establishment is a place where you can discover the spice and taste of Mexican cuisine in a modern and sophisticated restaurant. Cantina Laredo is known throughout London as one of the best Mexican restaurant and contains the traditional types of Mexican cuisine before modernisation, the beautiful London escorts are known to come here now and again as the food here is always a cause for spicy romance. Be sure to order a few drinks though as some of the dishes are quite hot!  10 Upper St Martin’s Ln, London WC2H 9FB


London escorts

London is one of the best cities to visit if you’re going for history, entertainment or anything in general really. The stunningly beautiful London escorts love to go on dinner dates with their clients, as they dress exclusively just for you. So here is a short list of the top three classiest London escorts by Park Lane Escorts;

Dolores is an absolutely stunning Brazilian girl, being a quite small little minx at 5’3 she’s cute with a perfect drop dead gorgeous figure that brings any man to their knees. At a dinner date Dolores comes dressed in the most luxurious and grand of garments all in the effort to impress you and see that smile on your face, she won’t stop complimenting every detail of you throughout your meal as well as stroking your ego to a point where you don’t want your dinner to end.

Erika is one of those dominating Eastern European girls that loves the attention of you, with a beautiful bust and gorgeous figure this girl really does make the effort when meeting you making sure you know what you’re in for. Erika loves going to bars with her clients as she loves to dance extremely intimately with her clients, she won’t get tired of that either making sure she’s ready to teach you how a good night with just the both of you can turn into one of the most seductively kinky nights you’ll ever have.

Amy is one of the most sophisticated women you’ll ever meet, having a stunning figure and bust she is a real example of a blonde bombshell. Amy loves whatever you have planned for her as she knows she’s going to make your night the best experience you’ll ever remember, as she aims to make sure you’re thinking about her for weeks to come. She’s a very adventurous girl that just loves to learn about the man she’s with and when you’re alone wants to fulfill all your deepest and darkest desires that you have.

Asian escorts London

London is one of the most affluent and popular cities in the world, it has one of the biggest and famous entertainment sectors in the world. The Asian escorts London are some of the most stunningly gorgeous women you’ll ever meet and come out at night for the great entertainment. So here is a short list on how to have a great night out with a beautiful London escort;

Starting Off 

When you’ve met your absolutely stunning Asian escort London the best way to start is maybe go for dinner, just to get to know your escort better and watch her gorgeous looks entice you. She’ll be complimenting you and stroking your ego until you feel so comfortable you might as well be in love. If you’re new to London don’t worry your Asian escort London will know all the best places in and around London to have a gorgeous meal, not only that but the extremely helpful receptionists will be happy to give you some advice on where to take her out.

What’s next? 

So you’ve both had an exquisite meal and are now happily seducing each other and know each other on a more intimate level. The next best thing would be to take her to a bar as the bars in London are known for their extravagance and have many freshly made cocktails, world beers, craft ales and spirits for you and your Asian escort London to choose from. By the end of the night you’ll both be dancing with each other and will be having much to enjoy dancing with your chosen beauty.

Finishing off the night! 

It’s a sad occurrence however it doesn’t have to be the worst part of the night, because you can book you and your chosen Asian escort London a night of seductively kinky fun in a hotel. We’re sure our girls will show you what they’re made of and why they’re the best of the best in their profession as a night with our girls is a heavenly ordeal we’re sure you’ll be enjoy sooner or later!

London Punt

Escorts are booked for a variety of different reasons especially in the capital city. It is no secret the capital city has the most activities and places to visit when you compare London to any other city in the entire United Kingdom. London has a great deal to offer and I am not just talking about the sheer amount of escorts in London but the places to explore in London which are perfect to be explored with the company of an escort in London.


London escorts enjoy to meet new people and they are capable of making you feel welcomed and comfortable which may be the perfect kind of companionship you are looking for especially if you are thinking of exploring some of London’s most exciting locations. There are many well worth visiting locations in London and there are also countless agencies in London where you can book the companionship of outgoing, adventurous and of course beautiful escorts in London. A brilliant place to find the hottest London escorts is on the website If you are yet to discover this phenomenal London escort directory then I highly recommend you do so because London Punt is home to over 100 London escort agencies which are amongst the best agencies in the city to book escort companionship.


Once you have found and booked a London escort you will want to decide where to explore with the escort of your choice. In London you are spoilt for choice when it comes to where to visit, in fact because there are so many options it can be difficult to come to your final decision. To make it slightly easier I have compiled some excellent locations in London that are ideal to visit with a London escort. The first option is to visit any of the cities tourist attractions ideally one that attracts you as it is important you visit somewhere you will enjoy so the escort can use her skills to make the experience more enjoyable. The second option is to visit a social venue together, these types of bookings are perfect if you are meeting your chosen escort for the first time because the escort is able to use her excellent conversational skills and you can really to know the escorts personality which may tempt you to make a second visit. The best advice for exploring the capital city with a London escort is to visit somewhere you will enjoy, not just somewhere you think the escort will like. Your chosen escort will gladly deliver an unforgettable experience wherever you decide to visit in London as you have made the effort to book time with her.

Park Lane escorts website

When you’re having a bit of a browse through the escorts on the internet through various escort agencies you will often see the same words popping up time after time. We have seen advertisements for VIP and High-class escorts, elite escorts, and all kinds of other special keywords to indicate that these working girls are somehow better than others. So what is the actual difference between these girls? Do some of them fart glitter or do your taxes? We didn’t know, and therefore we ask you to join us on an educational journey that could potentially save your wallet quite a bit of money.

Today we’re going to clear up a few misconceptions about the escort industry and try to cut a clear barrier between the two: Normal escorts & High class ones. This article is useful for people who are new to punting and escorting, you may find it very educational.

As we at the London escorts have a fair few trustworthy contacts in the courtesan industry, we initiated our search for knowledge by getting in contact with a few escort agencies based in London who featured the categories ‘VIP escorts’ and ‘Elite escorts’ on their sites. We asked a simple question: What is the difference between Elite and normal escorts? Our contacts both delivered pretty much the same explanation. The best short analogy I can give is it’s like cable: you get the package you pay for.

If you are having trouble ascertaining the difference between high class agencies and regular ones, we have some examples to help you tell between the two. Take a look at this example of a typical London escort service below:

Normal London escorts: AJ’s

AJ London escorts website image
Take a look at AJ’s London escorts, the website layout, the rates & prices. This is your average London escort agency, great for everyday bookings.

Now that you have seen your typical prominent provider of normal London escort services, have a look at this high class agency website and see the somewhat blatant differences.

Elite London escorts:  Park Lane

Park Lane escorts website
As you can see the Park Lane high class website sets a different tone from the moment you step on the page.

If you were to show anyone the two images above, they could probably tell which agency is the elite one, don’t you think?

However, separating normal escort services from the high class takes more than just a gaze at the website, it depends on a plethora of different things. Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Normal escorts

Chanel, courtesan from AJ London escorts
This escort image of Chanel shows of her beauty, but if you compare it to the one of the ladies from Park Lane, it’s considerably lower quality. What you would expect from your typical London agency.

Normal escorts are typically for people who want simple services, usually for a minimum of half an hour. They are also exponentially cheaper than an elite escort. If you want to hire a girl simply for a shorter time mainly for bedroom fun, hire a regular escort. These girls are essentially the basic package: sex. These girls might not be well educated, or they might not be a conversationalist.

Sometimes normal escorts will have restrictions, such as no kissing or other rules she wants in place. Remember you’re not paying for extra special treatment. On the other hand, these girls are usually available on short notice which is ideal. She will wear whatever she thinks appropriate, and once you’re satisfied she will probably leave as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, a regular escort is what you go for if you want immediate gratification or the most basic service. It should cost less than half the price of a VIP escort, and you can set it up with a much shorter time frame. No muss, no fuss.

How to tell if an escort service is a Normal provider:

  • Check the rates. The prices of the first hour are a good indicator. If it’s more than £300, it’s breaking the border of a normal escort service and edging into high class rate prices.
  • Observe the escort gallery. If lots of the images are selfies and not heavily edited, it’s a fair guess they are normal.
  • Read the content! If you read the text content on the page, it’s usually very easy to tell between an elite agency & a typical one.

High class escorts

This is Lorena, one of the high class ladies from Park Lane escorts. Just look at the outstanding production quality of the photograph! Definitely high class.
This is Lorena, one of the high class ladies from Park Lane escorts. Just look at the outstanding production quality of the photograph! Definitely high class.

VIP, elite, and High-class escorts all result in the same thing. Consider your basic package upgraded. With an elite escort you will undoubtedly pay a lot more- but there is much more on offer too. Although you can’t really book a VIP girl on short notice, you can make many other requests on how you want your experience to play out. You can tell her what you want her to dress, you can tell her what you want her to do, you can even act out your dreams and fetishes.

Basically, booking an encounter with a high-class girl should mean you can get her to do whatever scenario you have in mind. That doesn’t just include sex, you can arrange the Girlfriend Experience or take her on a date or on holiday.

How to tell if an escort is a High class provider:

  • Expensive rates are the first primary indication of high class or elite escorts.
  • Luxurious companion galleries of modelling images that are heavily photoshopped or edited to look better.
  • Many elite providers will go the extra mile, and you can see this on their site. Do they offer international encounters? Do they have drivers for the girls? These are signals of a high class escort service.

In summary: which is best?

We like the cable analogy used earlier. Hiring a normal escort is your basic package. Hiring a High-class escort is like buying all the additional channels and getting a Tivo box. Unfortunately these answers spark another question. Is the extra price tag worth it?

We think the cost is subjective. Do you make a lot of expendable income? Are you looking for a luxurious evening, possibly a sophisticated dinner date and some entertaining conversation? Do you want to pay the companion handsomely for her time, thus enhancing her eagerness to please and dedication to your satisfaction? Go high class.

On the other hand, if none of the above seems like it’s worth an extra £300 an hour; stick with your regular girls. You’ll save more cash and reach the same end goal anyway.


Update February 2018: Changed escort agencies to reflect the current best London Escort Agencies as of this date.

When hunting for an escort it can be a difficult task. Which sites should you trust? Which agencies deliver the highest quality service? Which escorts don’t give you any fuss? All of these questions can be answered by having a brief browse and a nosy through some of the picks we’ve chosen for you today.

The London escort agencies featured in this article are currently our top picks and the best service providers available in the capital. If you are looking to book a date with London escorts, we strongly recommend you choose your ladies from here for guaranteed pleasure and satisfaction. Remember to take extra special notice of our top pick; that’s our current favourite.

The Best London Escort Agencies by quality of service

In this list, we have tried to be both fair and also choose agencies that aren’t completely in the spotlight. There’s no point adding all of the already popular agencies into the mix, you can find those easily anyway! If you want to read how we made these picks; here’s how:

  1. Tried and tested agency with some history of service (6 months of solid punting at least).
  2. London escort agencies that have no foul play or disgruntled customers.
  3. A unique service provider that isn’t already mainstream (there’s no point in making the list if you can find them all on Google!).
  4. Real escort girls, no fake images & an agency that delivers the girl you book.


These are the basic things we looked for on our search for the greatest London provider. So, without further adieu, we bring you our current favourites & contenders for the best London escort agency:

Saucy London Escorts

Saucy London Escorts

Saucy London Escorts take great strides to ensure that every booking runs smoothly, discretely and professionally. It’s their goal to provide each client with a first-class service and leave them with a memory they’ll never forget. From the high standard of ladies they represent to the high standard of customer service they provide. It’s no surprise that Saucy London Escorts have come at the top of this list as they continue to serve as one of the best escort agencies London has to offer.

Mayfair Girls

Mayfair Girls

The best part about Mayfair girls is that there is a comprehensive selection of women to choose from. Despite the website looking a little abrasive at first, it’s actually very functional and a legitimate way to consider booking an escort. The girls all have explicitly detailed profiles and lots of good photographs. There are even some erotic stories and other interesting features that get better with a VIP membership.

Top Pick-  Very High End

Very HighEnd

Very High End is a quaint site with a nice look to it. It’s a very old agency who deals in high-class escorts and spectacular arrangements. The reason high-end is the top pick is due to the simple no fuss process of booking an escort. Get in contact, arrange a meeting, and you’re all set. The girls are all gorgeous and eager to ensure you get your money’s worth. It’s also got a wider category selection than most escort sites.

December 2016 update: From January all the way to December, Very High End has remained stable and the most popular high-class escort service in London. Why do you think that is? They have withstood the test of time with diligence and we proudly continue to consider them our top pick for best London escort agency.

Former best agencies in London

Below are sites that used to be some of the best escort service providers in the London area. However, we have moved them down here because they are no longer relevant or taking on new clientele. We have left notes to explain why the London Escorts blog team has arrived at this decision.

Establishment Agency

Establishment Agency

The Establishment Agency have a fantastic looking site with email and phone contact. You can also contact them through the website. Although they haven’t got a huge roster of women yet they do have some exquisite escorts, most of which with reviews. Watch this one, it could go big.

Exclusive Company London Escorts

exclusive company london escorts logo

Exclusive Company is the London rendition of a Manchester based escort service. While extremely popular in the North West, the Exclusive Company London Escorts shares a modest client base of happy punters due to their beautiful girls. True to the name, bookings with girls from Exclusive Company are indeed Exclusive. The ladies you meet cannot typically be found on another site. Definitely an underrated gem of an escort service. You can’t go wrong with this agency.


Rum Kitchen is a terrific cocktail bar in London and is a brilliant place to be heading to if you are looking for a lively night. Here you can enjoy drinks and the amazing atmosphere that keeps people coming back for the experience. This is a vibrant and exciting place to relax and enjoy drinks in a social atmosphere with a lively crowd and eager to please staff who add to the overall experience you will receive when visiting Rum Kitchen for the first time.


If you love cocktails then Rum Kitchen is the place to be perfect for getting your night off to an exciting start with their extensive selection of cocktails which are also very reasonably priced. Rum Kitchen is perfect for spending an entire evening as it has its own happy hours from 6pm to 8pm and as the evening goes on you start to grow a hunger you will not need to leave because you can get yourself some delicious dishes to keep you going. At Rum Kitchen they also have a Caribbean inspired beach shack restaurant which again has delicious cocktails for guests to choose from. As well as cocktails you could find yourself choosing from their extensive selection of rums.


The funky and stylish atmosphere is perfect for spending an evening with some quality companionship. For some of the best companionship I would recommend spending an evening with any of escorts from International Bunnies however if you are looking for classy and highest class escorts I would recommend that you have a look at their selection of Kensington escorts the finest escorts in the entire city. Perfect for an unforgettable evening the company of a high class, charming and sophisticated lady in bar as brilliant as Rum Kitchen is a fantastic way to spend your booking with a high class London escort.