1473781538_staff_566_57d81f224abfc_tnOften times we naturally change with the tide of our lives. When we were younger we might have liked things that currently make us think that we were ridiculous for liking (yes, I’m talking to all the Twilight fans out there too) and that’s perfectly normal. Liking things and not liking them, loving them and not loving them is just a sign that we’ve evolved as people and have found different ways of making joy in our lives. This can happen with people too. One moment you’re crazy about a person and in a couple of years you realize you are no longer happy with them. This is much more painful than letting go of likes and dislikes when it comes to things but it’s also equally as liberating and another path in the road to growing.

The problem comes for some people when they don’t know how to let go of those things and people that have done their job in our lives and move onto to better things. This attachment is something that Tantric Dolls deal with often as people tend to come to a tantric massage completely sexually blocked due to the lack of joy that happens when we simply don’t know how to let go. We can let go of everything including stress and our inability to feel joy through the understanding that all the joy we need is within us and not outside for others to scrutinize.

This practice not only serves to help you live a happier and fuller life but to learn how to slowly and correctly let go of both the bad and the good. Without letting go there is no growth and without growth there is no way to truly allow ourselves to enjoy life. The things that brought you pleasure when you were a child aren’t the things that bring you pleasure now. You need to evolve and let go of bad habits, bad people and bad things. Don’t hold back and begin a tantric massage journey now. If you’re in London remember that tantric massages are available as an outcall service right to your home so you can begin your journey without even having to step outside.

thumbnail-43Tantric massages are sexy, naughty and fun that’s not something that you didn’t already know. However, there might be certain aspects of tantric massages that you might not be familiar with if you only scratch the surface of what this experience truly has to offer for you. Scratching the surface is fun but going deeper is always much more exciting so here are a few facts that you may not realize about tantric massages.

  • Tantric massages are a form of meditation. If you think about it you might realize that you’re closer to meditation than you previously though. In fact tantric massages were first invented as a form of meditation that completely countered the typical meditation done by monks. While meditation that is traditional focuses on deprivation tantric massages focus on pleasure. In the end you’re learning how to meditate in a way that’s fun and gratifying.
  • Of course if you’re learning to meditate you’re learning how to be patient. This comes from the idea that you have to build up energy and not release it right as it’s starting to build. It takes time to climb the stairway to heaven! So by learning how to take each step as a complete experience and not rush up the stairs you’re learning how to be more patient in your every-day life outside of the throws of tantric passion.
  • How to speak your needs. For those that have gotten a tantric massage London before you know that one of the most important parts of the massage is to have clear set boundaries and to speak aloud and say what you want to get out of the massage. This makes talking to other people much easier and it helps you find your voice when it comes to sexual interactions or other less intimate encounters.
  • You start to understand that pleasure isn’t only for fun but it’s actually a necessity. We’re so used to viewing pleasure as something that is only for those of us who can’t ‘control ourselves’ but once you get tantric massages you begin to understand that pleasure is a necessity for humans and not just any pleasure but sexual pleasure. You’ll also learn that indulging in it is not just great but that it makes you feel good and when you feel good the entire world looks a smidge brighter.

Many people seem to be interested in tantric massages, and not just the people you usually associate with something like this. Married couples are 1461419020_staff_543_571b7c0ce01a6always looking for ways to spice up their relationship and feel more connected to their partners. When you love someone you want to do so many things with them and you’re scared of losing them. This is why tantric massages for couples are such a nice way to bring you closer together and have you experience something new that will continue to work even after the masseuse is gone. Being close to people, physically, is actually the best way to strengthen a relationship. When we touch we release hormones that signal to our brain that we’re happy and if you haven’t been touching much lately (not even sexually-wise but touching in general) you might find that you are feeling lonely and sad so, start touching again through tantric massages for couples from Bespoke Tantric.

During your massage session together you’ll find that you’re constantly being asked to touch each other and watch as the other person reacts to the touch. These massages will also teach you to know when to stop touching and just enjoy each other’s company. It’s a therapy session, more than anything but that deals with the problems empirically rather than theoretically. Talking comes, don’t worry, but sometimes we need an incentive to speak, a knowledge that we are being listened to no matter what is being said. If we don’t have that we feel shy, awkward and unwilling to truly express our emotions. Many wives find that after the massages their husbands are much more talkative about their feelings and this brings them much more joy and opens them much more to the wonders of touch. Tantric massages for couples in London are not rare and don’t be shy to either suggest it to your partner or to book a service for you two. Many masseuses are quite used to dealing with couples and you’ll be surprised as to how much they enjoy it!

During the Olympics this year a couple of images spiked interest among viewers. Those marks on the athletes’ bodies turned out to be an ancient form of therapy from china that helps with their recovery faster. This is more and more common among athletes and it seems that the Olympics have been a great showcase for this. Alternative therapies to traditional medicine for sports is nothing new, many athletes turn to them because they’re not only effective but they can avoid the harmful side effects of regular medicine when dealing with certain injuries or simply to better their athletic performance. Cupping (which is where those funny marks came from) isn’t the only way athletes have turned to alternative medicine in order to perform better in their sports. For many years athletes have turns to tantric massages to help them, not only with circulation and muscle recovery but with other ailments of the trade. Constant muscle pain, for example, is something that can be treated with tantric massages as the release of chemicals during the massage actually helps deal with sports injuries and phantom pains. With continuous practice the pain can actually lessen over time. It’s also a great way for athletes to relax before and after a competition, especially male athletes. During the massage the release of hormones actually helps men get naturally sleepy and this means whatever pre-competition jitters won’t keep the competitors up all night and, instead of turning to harmful drugs they can simply ease into a good night’s sleep.
If you’re not an athlete this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a massage of your own. Tantric massages aren’t just for everyone but they’re actually quite affordable and, if you like in London, easy to get a hold of. All you need to do is send an email and wait for the call. You can set up your Lesbian massage London anywhere and get started on an incredible form of alternative healing.

Fighting is normal in a relationship. We all have those days where we feel like we can’t stand our partners no matter what. The problem is when the fighting becomes more of a rule than an exception. Feeling disconnected from your partner is often the first thumbnail (4)sign that things are simply not going to work out. You stop caring about each other, you feel as though you’re alone even when that person is right there next to you. It’s much worse to feel like you’re alone when someone is right there than when they’re not.

This disconnection people feel, most of the times, doesn’t even come from lack of love. The truth is people grow apart from lack of intimacy and that leads to lack of pleasuring each other. Pleasure isn’t just sexual but emotional and physical. Partners having these issues could benefit greatly from a couple’s tantric massage.

The idea with this is that you have two people who are so disconnected their physical communication is completely lost, as well as the emotional one. Through the tantric experience you will be allowed to rekindle the lost connection and rediscover your partner’s sensuality and emotional being. With the guide of an expert masseuse you’ll be able to touch and feel your partner’s inner workings and set free all the pent up energy from losing focus on each other. The safe environment will create a dialogue with each other that needs no words. By the end of it you’ll feel more connected than ever and you’ll gain the knowledge to not let that connection become stale ever again.

thumbnail (3)If you and your partner are having issues then don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Love Tantric. It’s easy to do online and over the phone and all you need is to pick a massage style and confirm your appointment. As easy as that and you’ll be on your way to a more pleasing and connected life with the person you love.