Update February 2018: Changed escort agencies to reflect the current best London Escort Agencies as of this date.

When hunting for an escort it can be a difficult task. Which sites should you trust? Which agencies deliver the highest quality service? Which escorts don’t give you any fuss? All of these questions can be answered by having a brief browse and a nosy through some of the picks we’ve chosen for you today.

The London escort agencies featured in this article are currently our top picks and the best service providers available in the capital. If you are looking to book a date with London escorts, we strongly recommend you choose your ladies from here for guaranteed pleasure and satisfaction. Remember to take extra special notice of our top pick; that’s our current favourite.

The Best London Escort Agencies by quality of service

In this list, we have tried to be both fair and also choose agencies that aren’t completely in the spotlight. There’s no point adding all of the already popular agencies into the mix, you can find those easily anyway! If you want to read how we made these picks; here’s how:

  1. Tried and tested agency with some history of service (6 months of solid punting at least).
  2. London escort agencies that have no foul play or disgruntled customers.
  3. A unique service provider that isn’t already mainstream (there’s no point in making the list if you can find them all on Google!).
  4. Real escort girls, no fake images & an agency that delivers the girl you book.


These are the basic things we looked for on our search for the greatest London provider. So, without further adieu, we bring you our current favourites & contenders for the best London escort agency:

Saucy London Escorts

Saucy London Escorts

Saucy London Escorts take great strides to ensure that every booking runs smoothly, discretely and professionally. It’s their goal to provide each client with a first-class service and leave them with a memory they’ll never forget. From the high standard of ladies they represent to the high standard of customer service they provide. It’s no surprise that Saucy London Escorts have come at the top of this list as they continue to serve as one of the best escort agencies London has to offer.

Mayfair Girls

Mayfair Girls

The best part about Mayfair girls is that there is a comprehensive selection of women to choose from. Despite the website looking a little abrasive at first, it’s actually very functional and a legitimate way to consider booking an escort. The girls all have explicitly detailed profiles and lots of good photographs. There are even some erotic stories and other interesting features that get better with a VIP membership.

Top Pick-  Very High End

Very HighEnd

Very High End is a quaint site with a nice look to it. It’s a very old agency who deals in high-class escorts and spectacular arrangements. The reason high-end is the top pick is due to the simple no fuss process of booking an escort. Get in contact, arrange a meeting, and you’re all set. The girls are all gorgeous and eager to ensure you get your money’s worth. It’s also got a wider category selection than most escort sites.

December 2016 update: From January all the way to December, Very High End has remained stable and the most popular high-class escort service in London. Why do you think that is? They have withstood the test of time with diligence and we proudly continue to consider them our top pick for best London escort agency.

Former best agencies in London

Below are sites that used to be some of the best escort service providers in the London area. However, we have moved them down here because they are no longer relevant or taking on new clientele. We have left notes to explain why the London Escorts blog team has arrived at this decision.

Establishment Agency

Establishment Agency

The Establishment Agency have a fantastic looking site with email and phone contact. You can also contact them through the website. Although they haven’t got a huge roster of women yet they do have some exquisite escorts, most of which with reviews. Watch this one, it could go big.

Exclusive Company London Escorts

exclusive company london escorts logo

Exclusive Company is the London rendition of a Manchester based escort service. While extremely popular in the North West, the Exclusive Company London Escorts shares a modest client base of happy punters due to their beautiful girls. True to the name, bookings with girls from Exclusive Company are indeed Exclusive. The ladies you meet cannot typically be found on another site. Definitely an underrated gem of an escort service. You can’t go wrong with this agency.