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Direct 2 U London escort agency is one of the most well known agencies in the city, and they are incredibly easy to use as they have gorgeous young ladies throughout the capital, with the best I think being their amazing Mayfair escorts, who you can see here. I have used the agency a couple of times now and there are a few reasons why I particularly like them, 2 of them being that they are very reasonable when it comes to the price also their girls are really good looking but also really fun to spend time with and actually have great personalities, which can’t be said for a lot of girls from other agencies. I have included a few images below of girls from the agency website, so you can see for yourself just how good looking these young ladies are.

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As you can see from the two girls above, Naomi and Sophie these Mayfair escorts from Direct 2 U are some of the most beautiful ladies in London. From personal experience I can tell you that as well as wearing some of the sexiest lingerie imaginable, they also love to wear there amazing designer dresses and shoes. They look the part for any occasion you may have in mind which requires you to be accompanied by a gorgeous companion from Direct 2 U. Things that you may have in mind may include: company events and dinners, charity events, sporting events or even more low key occasions such as a romantic evening meal, or perhaps just a relaxing evening at your place or hotel room.

The amazing escorts in Mayfair do both incall and outcall bookings, which is super convenient especially if you are visiting London and want to get out of your hotel room and explore the very best the city has to offer!

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London is a city of rich cultural and economic history and continues to be one of the most attractive cities in the world for tourists to visit. Millions of people come from all over the world to visit the likes of Buckingham palace, the houses of parliament and other iconic landmarks such as the London eye and the red double-decker buses.

In the 21st Century however London is gaining a rather different reputation, in terms of entertainment facilities and after dark activities all rolled in with the sophistication and charisma of the English capital and of course London escorts, it makes for a very attractive prospect.

So what is really attracting the tourists? London has become a place of massive business importance. People from all over the world come to take advantage of the excellent conference buildings, luxurious 5 star hotels, and elegant champagne bars where the reputation of a gentleman is more important than the business he runs.

Its no surprise to hear therefore that certain London escort agency have thrived within these circumstances. After all making the perfect impression for business meetings can be massively important. They also provide a greatly desired guide to what can be a very largely and daunting city, especially to tourists from other countries.

For those of perhaps a younger generation, London is gather a rather different reputation. Once you escape the golden paved streets of Central London, suburban London is regarded as one of the trendiest places in London and is paving new waves for the underground music scene venues such as the Ministry of Sound and Pacha. This has lead to London’s extremely cool reputation and has attracted a few millions of tourists a year.

Again the exclusive London escorts come into equation as they provide a guide and intimacy in some of the largest clubs in the world. Dior Escorts is the place to visit for all your escort service needs, they cover many areas across London and only offer the best of any Escort service, they want you to be matched with the perfect companion to suit your needs and desires, I recommend using their Baker Street London Escorts service as the place is amazing to visit and the girls there will show you how to have a great time, they’re kind, attentive and will take very good care of you. 

When people come to London and check into their luxurious hotel they can often feel lonely so they decide to book a London escort. Upon meeting with them, many people choose to eat at Michelin star restaurants of which there an abundance in London.

Be it the 3 Michelin star restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Knightsbridge or the perhaps the 2 Michelin star Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester. London is continuing attract the very best chefs in the world and understandably so, so rest assured if you’re in London with a London escort you guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

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We’re going to touch on a story that has rang prominently throughout the news this week and another a story that centres around the ever fluxing London house prices. Londons financial properties are in a stronger position than ever and shows no signs of slowing down. It is understandable therefore that those who can afford to invest in property in such a high profile and iconic city are doing so and in great numbers. What comes worryingly to most of the London citizens is the number of offshore residents that are looking for a potential investment. One such country is the global superpower India, of which many of its millionaires and billionaires are following suit and delving into one of the most expensive and exclusive property markets in the world.

So far, it is expected that £440m or $750m was spent by wealthy Asian businessmen throughout 2013 with Mayfair and Belgravia being the preferred locations. The reason behind this mass invasion of the British capital is to do the unparalleled strength and stability of the economy with it being one of the finest cities in the world from those who can afford to live in some of the most expensive areas in the world. many of the Asian businessmen also invest in other areas such as the bars, restaurants and even escorts agencies such as www.naughtyshemales.co.uk. Aswell as being a financial opportunity these agencies provide companionship and a conversation in their native tongue with Londons newest residents.

It is now estimated that up to 3000 wealthy Indians now live within the super rich inner city town of Mayfair. They are now the most prominent investors from overseas country in this most wanted of areas. The Lodha Group is Asias largest residential developer and they recently purchased the beautiful Canadian high commission in Grosvenor square for an eye watering £306m and will go onto spend nearly a billion pound on turning it into 20 luxury homes. Many of which may soon be snapped up by the elegant and high class Asian escorts London.

Also this is a relatively new topic for today’s newspapers. The interest for investment in england’s capital dates back to the Edwardian era, so says Pete Wetherell, the chief executive of Wetherell estates. “ This was when some of Asia’s richest princes owned mansions in the capital, most notably HEH the Nizam of Hyderabad who owned Hyderabad House at no.6 Palace Green in Kensington. He goes onto say that, “many have chose to invest in Mayfair, especially grosvenor square because they can see that currently the district is undervalued compared to the neighbouring locations such as Knightsbridge and Belgravia.

Who is the best Leicester escort agency for you to choose? Well I guess everyone will have a favourite agency which they have used for many years. But if you are looking for a change or are new to the industry you will want to make the best decision possible. You do have the choice of Asian Escort agencies and many others but if you are look for an agency which is great in all areas then is has to be Regal Escorts. Home to a handful of beautiful companions who are all high class and single. These are not your ordinary escorts as they are all models and from different parts of the world. All landed in Leicester for you to come and enjoy the company and see where the night takes you.

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They will book the best hotels and clubs for you to attend with your escort and will be on call for you every need. They work hard to give each client the best dating experience and you can see that by visiting there VIP service page. They offer a variety of services which will make your stay in Leicester very special. When we say high call agency then Regal Escorts is the definition of this. They will arrange your date and everything that goes with it and can all be done with a quick phone call. A professional companionship agency which works hard to make sure that every client is taken good care of.

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When you look for a agency you want the whole package. The girls being the most important and this is why we have left you with one of the models below to show you the standard of Leicester escorts they have at this agency. So when you are choosing an agency for you to enjoy the ultimate dating experience with then Leicester is a fine choice. They have been around for many years and have developed themselves to now be the best agency in Leicester.


I wasn’t really sure where to start with this article; I had decided I wanted to do a piece highlighting a particular escort that I had the pleasure of encountering a few weeks ago called Monique. I always like to give a background to an area before diving into the details of an escort but for Monique it is different; I simply cannot wait to share my experience with you and detail just how amazing this girl is. Firstly I do need to highlight the fact that Monique is an escort of the highest quality; as such this elite status does mean she has a hefty price tag attached to her; I paid £600 for a one hour incall with her. Whilst some may be put off by this price tag, if like me you really do appreciate the finer things in life then there is no doubt that if you splash the cash on Monique; you will not be left disappointed with the exceptional service you receive. Monique is based in Knightsbridge for incalls but from what I understand she is happily available for all outcall bookings in London if you would prefer to meet her in the comfort of your own home or hotel room.



Now for the details of this wonderful girl; I first come across Monique on a different agency site that I have previously had a bad experience with so I hesitated in booking her despite her astounding beauty. Luckily for me a few days later I found her on one of my favoured agencies Mayfair Girls; at this point I knew it was time to take the plunge and make the booking. As usual this was a straight forward process and within minutes I had established a booking with Monique for later that evening. Upon another look at her profile I re-read her crucial attributes: long blonde hair, green eyes and an impressive 34D bust. The more I looked at her pictures the more excited I got for my meeting later that evening.


As an experienced punter I’m not normally one for nerves but on this occasion as I approached her address I did feel a slight sense of anxiousness; I mean if the pictures were anything to go by then this was going to be the most attractive woman I had ever been with. Once I met Monique all of my inhibitions were instantly put to rest; she was very warm and put me at ease with her playful nature. I’m not one to share the details of my encounters; as a gentleman never tells; but let me assure you one thing it wasn’t just my mind that was blown; I was truly left amazed by the quality of service that Monique offered. Now for the price I paid I only opted for a 1 hour incall which was basically straight down to business but Monique’s kind hearted and flirtatious nature leads me to believe she would be an excellent choice for an extended booking where you could perhaps enjoy a drink or a bite to eat.

Now Knightsbridge is one of the leading areas in London when it comes to beautiful bars and lavish restaurants; let me guide you through a couple in case you are ever in the area or you need somewhere to go to entertain your chosen escort in the area.

• Buddha Bar – Very stylish bar with friendly and helpful staff, the bar has a great atmosphere and live DJ most nights. The integrity of this stylish bar can be seen by the fact it recently featured on the Made In Chelsea series.

• Harvey Nichols 5th

bar which has a stunning interior design and the menu is so extensive that I often find myself stuck for choice when I visit. Whether it is the sexy Monique or either of the luxury bars I have mentioned; I am certain tha Knightsbridge has something to offer you that will leave you with a smile on your face just like it does with me.

Floor Bar – The world renowned Harvey Nichols store houses a splendid

For many years Paris has ran unopposed as the undisputed dining capital of the world. The French capital has always been synonymous with fine dining and has officially set the standard for how food should be cooked and restaurants should be ran. However over the past decade or so, London has been gradually improving its culinary diversity and has attracted some of the worlds greatest chefs to invest in the most visited city in the world. As recently as the 80s, London would proudly boast egg and chips, various meat filled pies and a wine list consisting of red or white. Now London has advanced to such a level and with the diversity of international cuisine that it boasts, London is often considered to have surpassed its close, cross-channel rivals Paris.

This new consensus isn’t likely to go down well across the channel, although one that cannot really be argued against. Modern day London is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan areas in the world embracing cultures and more importantly food from all over the world. In fact more than a third of the entire population of London were born outside of the UK and even more are from non English decent. This influx of nationalities and culture, regardless of your political stand point, is bound to have a massive impact on the cuisine in the capital.

With great quantity of international restaurants located around London, this also dilutes the quality of the average making it more difficult to find the restaurants that are really worth a visit. Thankfully your exclusive London escorts are very knowledgeable in this field and will be happy to show you all of the best places to visit around town. Central London however posses a very different problem, being one of the most affluent areas in the world, it therefore attracts some of the planets greatest chefs and has a closer density of Michelin star restaurants per square mile than anywhere else. As you can imagine therefore, a meal out in central London doesn’t come cheap. Chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal and Alain Ducasse all have restaurants in Central London.

So if you decided to go out for a special occasion in London here are a few recommendations from the completely unbiased London escorts. If you’re looking for pure elegance and sophistication and a location worthy of your exclusive London escort. Then it really has to be one the many French Michelin star restaurants located within the city. Waterside Inn in Bray is a text book example, is the oldest British restaurant to of held 3 Michelin stars for such long period of time and understandably so. Lead by head chef Alain Roux, the family reputation is not of an advertisement alone to visit with your London escorts. If however you are in sear4ch of something more unique and quirky then look no further than Sketch, the ground braking restaurant/gallery/movie to create a totally unique dining experience. The décor is very arty and different, with different wallpaper on each wall. Enjoy quirky and delicious food with your exclusive London escorts.