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When you’re having a bit of a browse through the escorts on the internet through various escort agencies you will often see the same words popping up time after time. We have seen advertisements for VIP and High-class escorts, elite escorts, and all kinds of other special keywords to indicate that these working girls are somehow better than others. So what is the actual difference between these girls? Do some of them fart glitter or do your taxes? We didn’t know, and therefore we ask you to join us on an educational journey that could potentially save your wallet quite a bit of money.

Today we’re going to clear up a few misconceptions about the escort industry and try to cut a clear barrier between the two: Normal escorts & High class ones. This article is useful for people who are new to punting and escorting, you may find it very educational.

As we at the London escorts have a fair few trustworthy contacts in the courtesan industry, we initiated our search for knowledge by getting in contact with a few escort agencies based in London who featured the categories ‘VIP escorts’ and ‘Elite escorts’ on their sites. We asked a simple question: What is the difference between Elite and normal escorts? Our contacts both delivered pretty much the same explanation. The best short analogy I can give is it’s like cable: you get the package you pay for.

If you are having trouble ascertaining the difference between high class agencies and regular ones, we have some examples to help you tell between the two. Take a look at this example of a typical London escort service below:

Normal London escorts: AJ’s

AJ London escorts website image
Take a look at AJ’s London escorts, the website layout, the rates & prices. This is your average London escort agency, great for everyday bookings.

Now that you have seen your typical prominent provider of normal London escort services, have a look at this high class agency website and see the somewhat blatant differences.

Elite London escorts:  Park Lane

Park Lane escorts website
As you can see the Park Lane high class website sets a different tone from the moment you step on the page.

If you were to show anyone the two images above, they could probably tell which agency is the elite one, don’t you think?

However, separating normal escort services from the high class takes more than just a gaze at the website, it depends on a plethora of different things. Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Normal escorts

Chanel, courtesan from AJ London escorts
This escort image of Chanel shows of her beauty, but if you compare it to the one of the ladies from Park Lane, it’s considerably lower quality. What you would expect from your typical London agency.

Normal escorts are typically for people who want simple services, usually for a minimum of half an hour. They are also exponentially cheaper than an elite escort. If you want to hire a girl simply for a shorter time mainly for bedroom fun, hire a regular escort. These girls are essentially the basic package: sex. These girls might not be well educated, or they might not be a conversationalist.

Sometimes normal escorts will have restrictions, such as no kissing or other rules she wants in place. Remember you’re not paying for extra special treatment. On the other hand, these girls are usually available on short notice which is ideal. She will wear whatever she thinks appropriate, and once you’re satisfied she will probably leave as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, a regular escort is what you go for if you want immediate gratification or the most basic service. It should cost less than half the price of a VIP escort, and you can set it up with a much shorter time frame. No muss, no fuss.

How to tell if an escort service is a Normal provider:

  • Check the rates. The prices of the first hour are a good indicator. If it’s more than £300, it’s breaking the border of a normal escort service and edging into high class rate prices.
  • Observe the escort gallery. If lots of the images are selfies and not heavily edited, it’s a fair guess they are normal.
  • Read the content! If you read the text content on the page, it’s usually very easy to tell between an elite agency & a typical one.

High class escorts

This is Lorena, one of the high class ladies from Park Lane escorts. Just look at the outstanding production quality of the photograph! Definitely high class.
This is Lorena, one of the high class ladies from Park Lane escorts. Just look at the outstanding production quality of the photograph! Definitely high class.

VIP, elite, and High-class escorts all result in the same thing. Consider your basic package upgraded. With an elite escort you will undoubtedly pay a lot more- but there is much more on offer too. Although you can’t really book a VIP girl on short notice, you can make many other requests on how you want your experience to play out. You can tell her what you want her to dress, you can tell her what you want her to do, you can even act out your dreams and fetishes.

Basically, booking an encounter with a high-class girl should mean you can get her to do whatever scenario you have in mind. That doesn’t just include sex, you can arrange the Girlfriend Experience or take her on a date or on holiday.

How to tell if an escort is a High class provider:

  • Expensive rates are the first primary indication of high class or elite escorts.
  • Luxurious companion galleries of modelling images that are heavily photoshopped or edited to look better.
  • Many elite providers will go the extra mile, and you can see this on their site. Do they offer international encounters? Do they have drivers for the girls? These are signals of a high class escort service.

In summary: which is best?

We like the cable analogy used earlier. Hiring a normal escort is your basic package. Hiring a High-class escort is like buying all the additional channels and getting a Tivo box. Unfortunately these answers spark another question. Is the extra price tag worth it?

We think the cost is subjective. Do you make a lot of expendable income? Are you looking for a luxurious evening, possibly a sophisticated dinner date and some entertaining conversation? Do you want to pay the companion handsomely for her time, thus enhancing her eagerness to please and dedication to your satisfaction? Go high class.

On the other hand, if none of the above seems like it’s worth an extra £300 an hour; stick with your regular girls. You’ll save more cash and reach the same end goal anyway.