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When you’re having a bit of a browse through the escorts on the internet through various escort agencies you will often see the same words popping up time after time. We have seen advertisements for VIP and High-class escorts, elite escorts, and all kinds of other special keywords to indicate that these working girls are somehow better than others. So what is the actual difference between these girls? Do some of them fart glitter or do your taxes? We didn’t know, and therefore we ask you to join us on an educational journey that could potentially save your wallet quite a bit of money.

Today we’re going to clear up a few misconceptions about the escort industry and try to cut a clear barrier between the two: Normal escorts & High class ones. This article is useful for people who are new to punting and escorting, you may find it very educational.

As we at the London escorts have a fair few trustworthy contacts in the courtesan industry, we initiated our search for knowledge by getting in contact with a few escort agencies based in London who featured the categories ‘VIP escorts’ and ‘Elite escorts’ on their sites. We asked a simple question: What is the difference between Elite and normal escorts? Our contacts both delivered pretty much the same explanation. The best short analogy I can give is it’s like cable: you get the package you pay for.

If you are having trouble ascertaining the difference between high class agencies and regular ones, we have some examples to help you tell between the two. Take a look at this example of a typical London escort service below:

Normal London escorts: AJ’s

AJ London escorts website image
Take a look at AJ’s London escorts, the website layout, the rates & prices. This is your average London escort agency, great for everyday bookings.

Now that you have seen your typical prominent provider of normal London escort services, have a look at this high class agency website and see the somewhat blatant differences.

Elite London escorts:  Park Lane

Park Lane escorts website
As you can see the Park Lane high class website sets a different tone from the moment you step on the page.

If you were to show anyone the two images above, they could probably tell which agency is the elite one, don’t you think?

However, separating normal escort services from the high class takes more than just a gaze at the website, it depends on a plethora of different things. Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Normal escorts

Chanel, courtesan from AJ London escorts
This escort image of Chanel shows of her beauty, but if you compare it to the one of the ladies from Park Lane, it’s considerably lower quality. What you would expect from your typical London agency.

Normal escorts are typically for people who want simple services, usually for a minimum of half an hour. They are also exponentially cheaper than an elite escort. If you want to hire a girl simply for a shorter time mainly for bedroom fun, hire a regular escort. These girls are essentially the basic package: sex. These girls might not be well educated, or they might not be a conversationalist.

Sometimes normal escorts will have restrictions, such as no kissing or other rules she wants in place. Remember you’re not paying for extra special treatment. On the other hand, these girls are usually available on short notice which is ideal. She will wear whatever she thinks appropriate, and once you’re satisfied she will probably leave as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, a regular escort is what you go for if you want immediate gratification or the most basic service. It should cost less than half the price of a VIP escort, and you can set it up with a much shorter time frame. No muss, no fuss.

How to tell if an escort service is a Normal provider:

  • Check the rates. The prices of the first hour are a good indicator. If it’s more than £300, it’s breaking the border of a normal escort service and edging into high class rate prices.
  • Observe the escort gallery. If lots of the images are selfies and not heavily edited, it’s a fair guess they are normal.
  • Read the content! If you read the text content on the page, it’s usually very easy to tell between an elite agency & a typical one.

High class escorts

This is Lorena, one of the high class ladies from Park Lane escorts. Just look at the outstanding production quality of the photograph! Definitely high class.
This is Lorena, one of the high class ladies from Park Lane escorts. Just look at the outstanding production quality of the photograph! Definitely high class.

VIP, elite, and High-class escorts all result in the same thing. Consider your basic package upgraded. With an elite escort you will undoubtedly pay a lot more- but there is much more on offer too. Although you can’t really book a VIP girl on short notice, you can make many other requests on how you want your experience to play out. You can tell her what you want her to dress, you can tell her what you want her to do, you can even act out your dreams and fetishes.

Basically, booking an encounter with a high-class girl should mean you can get her to do whatever scenario you have in mind. That doesn’t just include sex, you can arrange the Girlfriend Experience or take her on a date or on holiday.

How to tell if an escort is a High class provider:

  • Expensive rates are the first primary indication of high class or elite escorts.
  • Luxurious companion galleries of modelling images that are heavily photoshopped or edited to look better.
  • Many elite providers will go the extra mile, and you can see this on their site. Do they offer international encounters? Do they have drivers for the girls? These are signals of a high class escort service.

In summary: which is best?

We like the cable analogy used earlier. Hiring a normal escort is your basic package. Hiring a High-class escort is like buying all the additional channels and getting a Tivo box. Unfortunately these answers spark another question. Is the extra price tag worth it?

We think the cost is subjective. Do you make a lot of expendable income? Are you looking for a luxurious evening, possibly a sophisticated dinner date and some entertaining conversation? Do you want to pay the companion handsomely for her time, thus enhancing her eagerness to please and dedication to your satisfaction? Go high class.

On the other hand, if none of the above seems like it’s worth an extra £300 an hour; stick with your regular girls. You’ll save more cash and reach the same end goal anyway.


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Escorts in London are of high demand for mostly the gentlemen of London who are looking for some quality companionship with a high class escort in the city of London. But did you know busty London escorts are of a high demand too and there are multiple reasons why. Here you can discover why busty London escorts are becoming more popular and why they are already taking over the escort market here in London.


The first reason why busty London escorts are so popular is because of the busty London escort providers being outstanding agencies comparing to others in London. The perfect example for this is the London escort agency Casino London Models the home for the sexiest busty London escorts in London. At Casino London Models they have a grand selection of beautiful escorts but their busty London escorts are unmatched by any other agency in London as Casino London Models work only with the finest busty high class escorts in London. This is so that they can deliver an unforgettable experience that is worth coming back for, to build up their client base and strive at being the number one busty London escort provider in all of London.


Although Casino London Models is newer to the escort industry it is able to compete with agencies in London who have been around many years and that have built up a reputation of being a top London escort provider. This is mainly due to their grand selection of over 50 beautiful busty London escorts who are all amongst the finest that London has to offer. This is because Casino London Models work only with the finest ladies in London who can provide nothing less than an exquisite experience that is worth booking again and what makes Casino London Models so fantastic is that all of the girls on the website are able to use their gorgeous looks and charm to their advantage perhaps why this London escort agency is one of the best.

London is awash with fantastic places to enjoy the evening but, what could be better than doing it than with an escort. To book an escort in London you should certainly know the best escort agencies becasue that is where most of the beautiful women can be found on. I have made this list to show you my favorite escort agencies so do expect to see every single escort service on here but, i have tries to make the list as diverse as possible to include any type of agency such as cheap, high class, shemale etc. There literally thousands of them out there so its quite hard to pick one which is the best. In fact i do think there really is a “best” escort agency out there becasue they tend to have there own niche. Well i suppose it is better to be amazing at one thing than OK at many.

A picture of the London lady boys website.


To Start of the List i wanted to show you a shemale escort agency. This is because they are some of the most popular  in the city of London and if you are reading this then there is certainly a chance that you will be looking for a stunning shemale companion. The London lady boys have to be my number one for shemale escorts in London. The reason why they win my vote is becasue the website offers something that you will not find on any other. The own certainly has put a lot of efforting into making the London ladyboys highly comprehensive which has made it an amazing resource for shemale escorts (the are also females available too).
Ts Honey Londonladyboys by londonladyboys


Some of my favourite features of the London ladyboys are as follows: Firstly the number of shemales, there has to be around 50 which is huge and an escort agency. Secondly the profiles have a lot of detailed information such as nice, high res photos and even some videos. You can of course see a write up and stats. 9 out of 10 for this website.


2 Mayfair girls London escorts

Mayfair girls is a specialist in high class escorts. And when i say high class they are genuinely the cream of the crop; many of them are real supermodels who have to cover their identiy of the website to members only. It is really is an exclusive place to book escorts in london. You can book the escorts from London but, they will also travel around the world with you. Mayfair girls is often used by people on the jet set and other high places in society. The best does however come at price, but it is one that you will be more than happy paying when you see how beautiful these ladies really are.




The things that i like best about the Mayfair girls escort agency are. Well the first reason is the international availability. You can be in the city of London and planning a trip to Dubai Mayfair girls could provide a lady to travel with you there or even to meet you once you have arrived. It is truly a unique agency that makes the most of it long established connections.  If you want an agency which provides the very best then you need look no further.

If you lover of busty ladies and have not heard about escorts of Mayfair then you are really missing out. They are a leading in Busty London escorts and have the gallery to prove it. I think that they have been around for around three years but the business ethos has ensured that the proper standards have been achieved making them undeniably one of the best agencies out there for london escorts. A lot the busty market focus providing female escorts which ends up with them having ok galleries for moth but, escorts of Mayfair have stuck to just listing the hottest females and it has really worked out well for them.



My favourite parts of the website are as follows. The news is constantly updated on the website. if there is a new lady who joins then you will know about it first which leads me to the second point: this agency has to have one of the most up to date galleries out there with new ladies being added up every week. The escorts a very diverse – you will find sensual dinner date escorts to domination escorts which is pretty cool and makes escorts of Mayfair the only website you will have to find for busty escorts.



Dior escorts are the agency that you should go to if you want English London escorts as well as exotic babes. What i like about Dior is they are the border line between value and not cutting on quality. There are not many agencies which can match the value is the Dior escort service. This formula has worked very, very well for them indeed and every lady in London, it seems wants to be listed on Dior escorts which is evident by the size of the main gallery. There must be over 50 ladies who are available throughout the city. I would go as far saying that DIor has a lady in pretty much every districts within the city of London.


A screen short of the DIor escorts website

What i like especially about Dior escorts is the sexy pictures of the ladies, how friendly they are over the phone and how they have detailed write ups of the girls.







A threesome is a very different companionship experience. It gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with attractive high class escorts that complement each other in looks, physique and personality. If one stunning Honeys of London escort isn’t enough for you why not book an appointment with two sexy exclusive escorts?

If you are curious about the three way connection there are a few considerations that may help you decide how and when to satisfy your interest:

  • Book a threesome appointment. If you want to spend some quality time with two sexy high class London escorts don’t book an appointment with your dream escort and expect that she’ll bring a friend along! Be specific and explore the escort profiles so that you book appointments with escorts that you find the most alluring and appealing. Opposites attract so consider booking a blonde and a brunette for a little physical contrast.
  • Make a suggestion. If you have previously booked an appointment with a stunning exclusive escort, and have established rapport and a connection, why not suggest that you make it a threesome the next time you make a regular booking? If you already have rapport with one escort you’ll be able to focus on creating this connection with your new companion whilst your regular escort has her eyes on you.
  • Allow things to happen naturally. Threesomes may not be the social norm but the experience allows you to explore your sensuality in a way that is less restrictive than in the traditional two person connection. Exploring the sensuality and sexuality of your beautiful high class escort companions at the same time is a passionate and memorable experience you’ll remember for a long time.
  • Relax, but don’t get drunk. To lighten the mood, calm nerves and loosen inhibitions it is ok to share a glass or two of alcohol with your attractive high class escort companions. If you have arranged to meet in an exclusive London restaurant you can enjoy a few drinks over an intimate dinner. If your appointment is arranged for a hotel meet wait until your guests arrive before ordering drinks. That way you are less likely to be too inebriated.
  • Always be considerate. Make sure you give equal amounts of attention to both sexy escorts. Engage in conversation that simultaneously includes them, or take it in turns to focus on one lady at a time. Their full attention will of course be on you.

Electric run is a 5km glow in the dark fun run that sees participants party there way round the course. 15,000 participants run, walk or dance their way through an illuminated route of electric-themed landscapes. As a reward for completing the course, once they’ve crossed the finish line runners will find themselves in a huge party with live DJs, where they can dance off any energy they’ve got leftover.

Electric Run_0

Returning for 2015, the London Coffee Festival is the UK’s largest coffee and artisan food event, a celebration of London’s vibrant coffee culture featuring gourmet coffee, specialty tea, artisan food, and demonstrations from world-class baristas, live music and a comprehensive ‘lab’ seminar programme that will educate even the keenest of coffee lovers. The festival features fund raising events in aid of project waterfall, a charity that delivers clean water projects to coffee producing countries.


The pretty waterways of Little Venice will be even more colorful than usual for 2015’s May bank holiday weekend as the Inland Waterways Association organizes their annual gathering of canal boats. Many of the waterborne homes will be dressed up to the nines ready for the pageant, and visitors can expect plenty of very British fun including Morris dancers and a real ale tent. There’ll also be trade stalls, live music, children’s activities and refreshments.



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naughty shemale 4

Naughty Shemales has some of the best women and shemale escorts London that can give you what you want , as they will do whatever it takes to give their clients a good time.Our escorts will value your time and make sure you have as unique experience on every single  night with every single escort. Each escort is interviewed to make sure  we have  something for every type of male. These Asian escorts London are different to all other escorts that you will find in London. The girls will add  an extra spice to your night which will make your night more exciting. They are young escorts who like to to have fun all the time. With their mind blowing beauty they really are worth the money you will always be guaranteed a night that promises unforgettable and unmissable moments. A night in  or night out they will always leave you coming back for more and more.

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To book these Asian escorts London all it takes is a simple phone call .Ring up to book with one of our receptionist or fill in the booking form which can be found online.

Sayaka 6

If you are looking for a romantic evening of high-quality drinks with one of London’s most elegant models then why not book one of the independent escort London from Sayaka Independent and head out to Beaufort Bar in the Savoy. After a £220 million redevelopment, The Savoy has committed itself to celebrating the best culinary and beverage delights that the world has to offer. The Beaufort Bar is the second bar but it is certainly one of the best in London.

an image of the busty Independen Asian escort, Sayaka.
Sayaka Independent

This is the perfect bar in London to take a high-class escort to and you will be blown away by the incredible drinks on offer. It is voted as one of the most romantic cocktail bars in London by the Telegraph and makes an intimate setting for your date for the evening. The discreet, elegant setting will mean you can relax in relative privacy with your date and enjoy some of the best cocktails you will ever have had. Why not try the Encantador, a rich blend of Bacardi, Aperol, Framboise, lemon and vanilla. The rich taste sensations will give you the perfect platform to strike up a conversation and enjoy your time more fully.

an image of a Encantador Cocktail.
Encantador Cocktail.

The bar is located at The Savoy, Strand, WC2R 0EU. We cannot recommend highly enough bringing your escort for the evening here. With opening times until 1 am it is ideal for a night of fun and then you can move on to a more party orientated bar if you so desire or back to your hotel from here. Treating a London escort to a drink here will never go unappreciated and can put you very much in the good graces of your companion. You may have paid for your ladies time but a truly high-class woman must be entertained on a date. To Find out more why not visit Sayaka’s website and see which of the incredible models you could take out tonight.