Think about your dates

Where are some of the best places to take your date to in London? When thought out correctly, a date in London can be more romantic than a weekend getaway in Paris. But remember, everything must be right, from the meeting point, to each different destination, to where you end up at the end. From beginning to end, creating the perfect date is an art form, something which takes a lot of practise to get right. Remember, each time you date a different women, their interests and dislikes change. You have to be someone that understands women, but if you can’t, what is a good ‘Plan B date’?

For those that don’t know, a plan B date is for when you’ve tried to compose a date specific to the partner you’re going out with (the ‘plan A date’), but for some reason the date falls through. The ‘Plan B date’ is basically a pre-thought up date which consists of activities and plans that no one dislikes. For those confused, a ‘Plan B date’ might usually start with you meeting your partner at a Bar for a couple of drinks, who doesn’t enjoy a cocktail or two? Vertigo 42 would do the job nicely, it is a perfect destination to start off the date due to the level of sophistication it portrays.

After Vertigo 42 you could go to Jamies Italian, it’s literally within walking distance and it’s the perfect spot to follow on your date, this is because you get that classic Italian-romantic feel when you’re in there. With a great atmosphere comes great food as well. If the gate way to ones heart is through their stomach, you’re partner will be head over heels for you!

After that then maybe it would be time to retire to a nearby hotel where you two can get to know each other better. Now there are many hotels in London that you can choose from. The InterContinental London Park Lane would be the hotel to choose if you were really considering impressing someone. So with your whole date planned out, all you need is a partner to go on it with you. This is the easiest part of organising the date as you don’t need to look any further than Dior Escorts.