Why We No Longer Love the Things we Used to Love

1473781538_staff_566_57d81f224abfc_tnOften times we naturally change with the tide of our lives. When we were younger we might have liked things that currently make us think that we were ridiculous for liking (yes, I’m talking to all the Twilight fans out there too) and that’s perfectly normal. Liking things and not liking them, loving them and not loving them is just a sign that we’ve evolved as people and have found different ways of making joy in our lives. This can happen with people too. One moment you’re crazy about a person and in a couple of years you realize you are no longer happy with them. This is much more painful than letting go of likes and dislikes when it comes to things but it’s also equally as liberating and another path in the road to growing.

The problem comes for some people when they don’t know how to let go of those things and people that have done their job in our lives and move onto to better things. This attachment is something that Tantric Dolls deal with often as people tend to come to a tantric massage completely sexually blocked due to the lack of joy that happens when we simply don’t know how to let go. We can let go of everything including stress and our inability to feel joy through the understanding that all the joy we need is within us and not outside for others to scrutinize.

This practice not only serves to help you live a happier and fuller life but to learn how to slowly and correctly let go of both the bad and the good. Without letting go there is no growth and without growth there is no way to truly allow ourselves to enjoy life. The things that brought you pleasure when you were a child aren’t the things that bring you pleasure now. You need to evolve and let go of bad habits, bad people and bad things. Don’t hold back and begin a tantric massage journey now. If you’re in London remember that tantric massages are available as an outcall service right to your home so you can begin your journey without even having to step outside.